Developer Tutorials

Easy-to-follow tutorials to show you how to configure key features of the BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE).

Accelerometer / Gyro Set-Up Tutorial

Simple Methods of Extracting Accelerometer/ Gyro Data from the Device Node

Adding Rechargeable Battery

How to implement a rechargeable battery system. It’s simple, safe and very low cost

Change USB OTG port to Host

How to connect over 10 devices (a maximum of 20) by utilising a second USB hub

Pressure Sensor Set-Up Tutorial

Simple Methods of Extracting Pressure Sensor Data from the Device Node

WiFi AP mode Enable/Disable

Enabling and Disabling Tethering for WiFi Configuration

Correcting Barometer Missing

Tutorial specifc to Debian Release Images (9.4 – 9.7)

Antenna Selection

On-Board Antenna & External Antenna Options for your BBE

Serial Debug Connection

It’s easy to connect to the serial debug port and configure the BBE

Software Update

How to download the imaging software and perform updates to your BBE

Connecting your BeagleBone Enhanced

How to connect to the BBE using the USB or virtual COM port

Software Images

The kernel support ranges from 3.8 (Debian 7.11) to the latest 4.x (Debian 9.5) versions

ELinux Wiki

SanCloud Elinux Wiki available from page

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