Introducing the SanCloud BeagleBone® Enhanced

SanCloud are proud to introduce you to its all-new BeagleBone® Enhanced Single Board Computer (SBC)

We have produced several prototype versions and this has allowed us to iron out hardware and software issues and to fully test the new SanCloud BeagleBone® Enhanced. As a result, we now have fully functional hardware and software drivers for all the new features and are ready to go.

This new Single Board Computer uses the same form factor as the BeagleBone® Black with :

  • 1 Gigabyte DDR3 RAM – twice the amount of the normal BeagleBone® Black
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Extra USB ports, 2 on board plus 2 via expansion header
  • Optional serial NOR flash for boot loader
  • Optional 6 axis gyro + accelerometer 
  • Optional barometer pressure and temperature sensor

The board will be fully supported and licensed by

We will keep you updated with further feature developments and more information when we start the crowd funding campaign.