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Micron® Case Study: Authenta™

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Micron® is leveraging its position as a leader in the manufacturing of flash memory, and a leader in the embedded markets, to create a whole new paradigm to address IoT security challenges. 

Micron® Authenta™ Key Management Service (KMS)

Micron® developed the Authenta™ Security-as-a-Service platform as a cost effective, widely scalable and business appropriate way to employ security across a diverse set of systems with fragmented supply-chains and ecosystems.

The Authenta™ platform is a combination of the Authenta™ enabled flash, which has the integration of a secure element function in the flash with provisioned identities, and a Authenta™ Key Management Service (KMS). This provides a simple activation and ownership change service for a wide-range of IoT security services and device management services. The combination of these two capabilities along with the commitment of a market leader to drive the solution to the market creates a very attractive proposition for our customers, securing their products in a connected world. 

SanCloud’s BeagleBone® Enhanced serves as a development platform and a working demo for this innovative technology. SanCloud also offers its software development and hardware design services to businesses seeking to integrate Authenta into their own systems.

BeagleBone Enhanced with Micron Authenta SPI-NOR

We use SanCloud’s Beaglebone® Enhanced as a trusted boot demo platform. SanCloud exceeded expectations in execution, delivery and craftsmanship.  Working engineer to engineer makes the whole Contract Manufacturing process a real pleasure.

I recommend SanCloud to other groups within Micron when they need a reference platform. The BeagleBone Enhanced with its near client desktop OS package model, strips away a lot of the embedded hardware platform boilerplate work you need to go through when dealing with a more traditional embedded Linux system.

Alan Haffner, Senior Applications Engineer

Micron® Technology Inc.

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