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Emerson Case Study: IoT In the Energy Sector

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82% of Asset breakdown/losses are due to random failures with the majority of currently installed critical assets over 25 years old and beyond their design life. Nearly 20% of refinery power disruptions are the result of electrical equipment failures. One arc flash incident could cost up to $15 million including employee health care, asset replacement, and lost production.*

Part of Emerson Electric Co, IntelliSAW develops and deploys condition based monitoring systems for electric power generation, distribution, and end use equipment.

The systems wirelessly measure the temperature of high voltage electrical connections and partial discharge emissions from failing insulation – offering predictive, condition based monitoring to industrial and utility customers worldwide.

IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM™) - CAM-5 unit

In developing the IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring – CAM-5 unit, Emerson engaged SanCloud’s BeagleBone platform coupled with support in hardware design and software development to customise the BeagleBone board for integration within the CAM-5 unit. Dr Jeffrey C. Andle, Synergistic Science, Consultant (Emerson) commented on the project:

We were using an off the shelf Linux touch-panel that became obsolete. We decided to develop our own product, integrating the previous HMI with several instrumentation and control functions. The BeagleBone Enhanced platform looked like a great fit and, after a review of potential sources, we selected SanCloud because they had the most industrial-capable platform. After brief discussions about the intended customizations, we knew we had chosen well.

We had SanCloud develop the Beaglebone board and co-developed the high-voltage-hardened Ethernet board, while we focused on the instruments and controls boards. SanCloud developed the Linux build and patches with some custom drivers and we focused on the application code. In this way we were able to significantly accelerate and de-risk a significant project. SanCloud met our very high expectations and always went the extra mile.


Dr Jeffrey C. Andle, Synergistic Science, Consultant

Emerson Electric Co.

IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM5) Unit with built-in display

IntelliSAW Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM™) – CAM-5


The IntelliSAW CAM™ platform is now being utilised in all types of critical asset monitoring within the 1kV to 60kV range. Example assets include switchgear, transformers, generator circuit breakers, bus ducts and rectifier stacks.

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* Source: IntelliSAW 2019