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Automotive Grade Linux Case Study: IoT & Connected Vehicle Devices & Platform


Automotive Grade Linux Logo - SanCloud
Logos of clients engaging SanCloud for automotive and connected car services
SanCloud products are at the core of many Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Telematics innovations using open source software from Automotive Grade Linux’s Unified Code Base platform.

Comprising of 140 vehicle manufacturer and supply chain companies, Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) and its Unified Code Base (UCB) solves the problems of the fragmented and complex world of automotive operating systems. SanCloud is a major contributor to AGL and its UCB which currently focuses on an operating system for in-vehicle infotainment consoles with SanCloud also engaging in instrument cluster and telematics / connected car related projects too.


"The Automotive Cape"

In providing a solid, stable and well supported development platform, SanCloud released its Automotive Cape Version 4 in February 2020. The cape expands the functionality of our own designed BeagleBone® Enhanced range providing a development platform with Buildroot and Yocto support. Features include Single or Dual CAN interface, Accessory/Ignition signal for software signalling and GNSS/GPS & Cellular module option.

BeagleBone Enhanced Automotive Cape - GPS & CAN Bus V4 web

Automotive Cape V4 (front view with DTM06-12SA connector)

BeagleBone Enhanced Automotive Cape - CAN GPS MOD Bus V4 Web
BeagleBone® Enhanced Industrial SBC mounted upon the Automotive Cape V4 housed within an IP67 waterproof enclosure
BeagleBone Enhanced Automotive Cape - CAN Bus GPS V4 Web

AGL demo at CES Las Vegas in which the product delivers CAN data to an Infotainment System in an interactive demo. 


Automotive Applications

The BeagleBone® Enhanced Industrial combined with the Automotive Cape V4 supports many open source applications on AGL’s UCB. These include but not limited to developments in the following:

  • Electric vehicle battery monitoring systems.
  • Advanced vehicle tracking and telematics applications.
  • Driver behaviour monitoring.
  • First Notification of Loss (FNOL) systems via CAN bus data or in-built accelerometer/gyroscope and camera inputs.
  • Remote machinery monitoring and control via Mod bus.
  • Black box CAN bridge to filter/modify/inject CAN traffic.


Background & Support to AGL

Read our post on the Automotive Grade Linux Blog outlining our support to AGL and its members:  

How SanCloud Supports the AGL Unified Code Base


Find out more about how SanCloud and AGL can help you with your next Automotive IoT or Connected Vehicle project….