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We support companies in their digital transformation to smart manufacturing by designing and deploying Industry 4.0 solutions that enable real time control and monitoring of production processes

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Our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions can be implemented across all types of manufacturing industries and applied to different processes and functions.

Most manufacturers face the same challenges of delivering high quality products, at the lowest costs, in the shortest time, whilst ensuring that customer needs are met. The IIoT offers manufacturers many ways to achieve these goals by gaining accurate and real-time business insights.

  • Condition Monitoring – gain live and historical data on the condition of your production machinery or the product being made. We design and install smart IoT devices and sensors that monitor vibration, temperature, pressure, humidity, specific gravity and much more.
  • Machine Availability – accurately measure planned downtimes during maintenance, job changes, shift changes or unplanned downtime arising from failure, operator absence or materials failure.
  • Machine Performance – monitor throughput along with bottlenecks in the upstream or downstream process.
  • Quality Control – identify issues resulting from operator, machine, materials or design failure.
  • Predictive Maintenance – minimise downtimes by identifying the condition of equipment while it is in-service, determining optimal service intervals and identifying problems before they occur. The result is that you will save time and money by only performing maintenance when it is necessary.
  • Reduce operating costs – continuous monitoring can identify down times in a particular process, wastage and supply chain issues.
  • Improve efficiency – continuous machine monitoring and processes help operators make informed decisions to become more efficient whilst avoiding operational disruptions.
  • Safer work environment – the continuous analysis of machinery can alert operators to any concerns such as excess vibration, temperature or sudden and unforeseen leaks that may otherwise endanger employees.

Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness to:

1 %

Availability x Performance x Quality = OEE

Source: Aberdeen Group

Reduce maintenance costs Year over Year by

0 %

Total maintenance costs including time & personnel

Source: Aberdeen Group

Increase return on assets (RoA) by

1 %

Profit earned from equipment resources through improved uptime

Source: Aberdeen Group

$ 1 bn

will be invested by companies in the Industrial IoT by 2025

Source: Markets & Markets

0 %

Global Manufacturers will use analytics and data tracking using connected devices to analyse and optimise performance

Source: IDC, IoT, and Digital Transformation: A Tale of Four Industries

1 %

decrease in product development and assembly costs as a result of big data exploitation

Source: McKinsey

Featured Project | Smart Microbrewery IoT Solution

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   Food & Drink, Beer production, Breweries


   Microbrewery IoT Solution 


In response to the current challenges affecting the UK microbrewery industry, SanCloud propose an IoT solution that will revolutionise their beer production processes and assure a stronger future.

Based on works and an Insight Study performed by the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), deployment of this solution would deliver huge cost savings, achieve increase production efficiency, ensure product consistency and accelerate new product development. 

Real time data and remote control of temperature, pH levels, CO2 carbonisation and specific gravity (SG) will be offered across the whole production process.

We are aiming to work with a number of microbreweries, supply chain companies and representative trade bodies in the development of this IoT solution. 

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