IoT for the Energy Industry

SanCloud partners with power equipment manufacturers to develop IoT solutions enabling predictive maintenance and remote, centralised condition monitoring of fixed and mobile equipment
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How can you benefit from our IoT Energy Solutions?

We work with a range of energy and utility organisations by providing the tools to help improve their metering infrastructure and end customer experience by providing a better understanding and greater control of their usage

Energy consumption is predicted to grow worldwide by in excess of 40% over the next 25 years*. In order to meet this challenge without raising prices for customers, the electrical power industry is looking for smart solutions. 

We have worked with a number of energy businesses, providing the necessary hardware and support in a range of smart projects ranging from remote meter reading, remote diagnostics and improving their end user experience through the provisioning of usage data to help reduce their energy bills and mitigate against the risk of outages.

Introducing IoT technologies within industrial power equipment provides operators with live or historic condition reporting along with live alerts if equipment deviates from the parameters set. Pre-existing or new sensors can also be introduced to provide DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) or detect impending electrical or mechanical component failures.

*Source: ReportLinker. The Internet of Things (IoT) opens ‘smart opportunities’ to energy businesses by increasing operating efficiencies and reducing costs in many areas. 

Featured Energy Sector IoT Case Study

Victron Energy-Sancloud


Victron Energy BV


Electrical Components, Energy, Power Distribution


Venus GX


Control and monitoring for all Victron power systems as part of the Victron Remote Management or ‘VRM’ – a powerful IoT portal granting its customers real-time insights and control of their power systems

We’ve found SanCloud to be approachable and supportive throughout the Venus GX development process and consistent with their BeagleBone Enhanced product, found them to be a highly reliable IoT provider and a pleasure to do business with.

Matthijs Vader
Managing Director
Victron Energy