IoT Electronics Industry - SanCloud


We design high-end, low power consumption single board computers designed for use in the embedded systems of electronics manufacturers and the supply chain

IoT & IT Security industry - SanCloud

IT & IoT Security

Overcoming the challenges of cybersecurity in IT and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments across diverse systems with fragmented supply-chains and ecosystems

IoT Energy Industry - SanCloud


Our IoT devices can be used by energy providers in both smart metering and plant-based applications to ensure peak performance whilst reducing downtimes and maintenance costs


Our Automotive IoT solutions enable vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers to deliver new in-vehicle features to enhance the driving experience

IoT Manufacturing Industry - SanCloud


Remotely monitor and manage production machinery with online reporting of impending failure, fault codes and the supply of real-time production data


We work with our customers to develop asset tracking solutions for real-time and historic reporting of the location and status of vehicles, plant and machinery via our online portal and mobile app

IoT & STEM Education - SanCloud


Our BBE boards are used by some of the world’s most prestigious universities to further education in the use of open-source software, hardware and a diverse range of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects

Smart Cities

Our IoT devices are at the core of a number of smart city applications to improve safety and security whilst lowering the ongoing operating costs of commercial, industrial and residential buildings

Industrial Equipment

SanCloud’s IoT devices are being deployed in an increasing number of industrial equipment and plant applications to improve safety, increase efficiency and monitor operational performance against KPIs

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