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Emerson: Internet of Things Case Study

82% of Asset breakdown/loss are due to random failures with the majority of currently installed critical assets over 25 years old and beyond their design life. Nearly 20% of refinery power disruptions are the result of electrical equipment failures. One arc flash incident could cost up to $15 million including employee health care, asset replacement, and lost production.* Part of Emerson Electric Co, IntelliSAW develops and deploys condition based monitoring systems for electric power generation, distribution, and end use equipment.

Victron Energy-Sancloud

Victron Energy : Internet of Things Case Study

Increasing interest in sustainable energy, the wish to reduce grid dependency, goals to reduce carbon footprints and changing customer trends are feeding the demand for innovative power solutions and remote management technologies. In response, Victron Energy introduced a range of innovative power products alongside Victron Remote Management or ‘VRM’, a powerful IoT portal granting its customers real-time insights and control of their power systems.


Micron Technology: Internet of Things Case Study

Micron is leveraging its position as a leader in the manufacturing of flash memory, and a leader in the embedded markets, to create a whole new paradigm to address IoT security challenges. Micron developed the Authenta™ Security-as-a-Service platform as a cost effective, widely scalable and business appropriate way to employ security across a diverse set of systems with fragmented supply-chains and ecosystems. 

Automotive Grade Linux Logo - SanCloud

Automotive Grade Linux: Automotive IoT & Connected Vehicles Case Study

SanCloud products are at the core of many developments in Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Telematics. Using open source software from the AGL Unified Code Base (UCB) platform we explore its unique offering to AGL’s vehicle manufacturer and supply chain members.

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