Electronic Hardware Design

SanCloud hardware design is based on tried and a tested design process to ensure world class hardware systems that meet target costs without comprising design and functionality.

Our designs vary from the Open Source BeagleBone Enhanced and its many versions to bespoke hardware systems for our customers.

SanCloud offer a range of hardware design services from modification of customer designs to complete hardware systems design, built and tested to meet customer requirements. Our hardware services can be a complete end to end solution or support in key areas.

We use an 8 stage process to ensure that the requirements are captured and the correct design delivered:


Concept Definition

  • Work closely with customer to define clear requirements for the platform
  • Generate top level features list for both core functionality and future proof or optional items

Architecture Specification

  • Research a broad range of suitable hardware that will meet the defined requirements
  • Generate high level system diagrams to determine limitations of potential system solution
  • Review suitable parts for software development impact
  • Create high-level system costs to ensure design is on target
  • Determine final system to allow design stage to start

Schematic Design

  • Generate complete schematic design
  • Detailed review of design both internally and with external customers
  • Create Bill of Materials ready for assembly and for detail system costs
  • Validate design with customer, take into account any feature changes, preferred suppliers, etc

PCB Layout

  • Determine PCB vendor and factory assembly site, ensuring their capabilities are taking to account for the design
  • Full experienced in modern high and very high speed design using many different technologies including DDR3/4, LPDDR, USB, PCIe, SATA, HDMI, LVDS, Ethernet etc
  • From single sided low complexity, low cost design through to complex multilayer 4, 6, 8 or higher layer designs.
  • Design for EMC using best design practices
  • Full design review with customer, taking in to account any mechanical requirements, serviceability, etc

Analysis and Simulation

  • Design for manufacture
  • Simulation of power distribution
  • Simulation of critical high speed interfaces in order to ensure layout meets design requirements.
  • Designs at this stage can be handed over to customer for their assembly

PCB Fabrication

  • Sourcing of parts ready for assembly from known trusted sources
  • Work closely with PCB and manufacture partners to ensure the assembly is completed on time to the required quality.

Hardware Testing/Verification

  • Initial design bring up for both hardware and software
  • Validate low level functional hardware features to meet design requirements
  • Complete system level testing
  • Debugging of any issues


  • Delivery of completed hardware for certification testing
  • Support customer testing and validation

Planning an Electronic Hardware Design Project?

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