Embedded System & IoT Services Overview

A comprehensive range of services in support of your next embedded system, smart device or IoT project

Logos of companies engaging SanCloud's IoT & Embedded System Customers - Emerson, Micron, MiT, Molex, Toyota, Victron Energy

Our extensive experience in developing embedded software and electronic devices enables us to provide state-of-the-art services in support of our customer’s embedded system and Internet of Things (IoT) projects

Embedded capabilities

Industrial SBC for development and real-world deployment at scale

The BeagleBone Industrial goes beyond being just a highly versatile development platform. This Linux based board has proven itself at scale in our real-world production applications. Its onboard flash, sensors

Erik S

Ideal IoT Solution Partner

SanTrack is an excellent IoT portal. It’s highly customisable, offers incredible functionality and its live/historic reporting modules present data in all types of visually stunning graphs serving to simplify interpretation

Paul Bullock
S.E.S. Nuclear Ltd

What an excellent IoT web portal!

Very impressed with SanTrack – What an excellent IoT web portal! Highly configurable and easy to use with its drag-and-drop widgets. Great choice of aesthetically pleasing charts making data interpretation

Phil McMillan
IT Consultant

SanCloud exceeded expectations in execution, delivery & craftsmanship

SanCloud exceeded expectations in execution, delivery and craftsmanship. Working engineer to engineer makes the whole Contract Manufacturing process a real pleasure. I recommend SanCloud to other groups within Micron when

Alan Haffner, Senior Applications Engineer
Micron Technology Inc

Excellent Design & Build Quality

Excellent design and build quality. The board is packed with I/Os and there’s great software support

Chris Ryder

SanCloud offers “the most industrial-capable SBC platform”

We were using an off the shelf Linux touch-panel that became obsolete. We decided to develop our own product, integrating the previous HMI with several instrumentation and control functions. The

Dr Jeffrey C. Andle, Synergistic Science, Consultant
Emerson Electric Co.

Great board and fast delivery

Loving the BBE! Thanks again for all your help and advice


Outstanding support!

I want to thank Marc Murphy for all of his outstanding support in helping me determine a pathway to building my project as well as ensuring I am getting the

Brandon Crumrine
Fission Restomods LLC and Mill-ART LLC

Highly reliable IoT provider and a pleasure to do business with

We’ve found SanCloud to be approachable and supportive throughout the Venus GX development process and consistent with their BeagleBone Enhanced product, found them to be a highly reliable IoT provider

Matthijs Vader, Managing Director
Victron Energy

Best Industrial Single Board Computer

Based on power, speed, features and our need to deliver a price competitive solution that is well supported – this is by far the best open hardware, industrial SBC on

S. Hughes
Senior Embedded Engineer

BBE – An SBC that has exceeded all expectations!

The BeagleBone Enhanced is a highly versatile single board computer that met all our IoT programme requirements and more! Where do I start? Easy to set up, onboard flash memory,

Embedded Systems Director

Excellent SBC for development and IoT Applications

Excellent for both development and IoT industrial applications in terms of power, connectivity and durability supporting an extended temperature

Vindo K, Embedded Software Engineer

Perfect Industrial IoT Device

SanCloud continues to pump out fantastic SBCs for IoT use! The all-round performance of this board, its onboard flash, lots of I/Os and ability to run Linux distros like Debian

Matt Travis