SanCloud Starts Face Shield Production for Healthcare Workers Amid Pandemic

Hospitals and other care provisions across the country are seeking support in overcoming the critical shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) caused by an overwhelmed production infrastructure and factory closures in China. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep the country, limited PPE supplies continue to dwindle.

In response, SanCloud have joined forces with other organisations, producing Prusa RC3 face shield components to protect our front-line medical workers.

As part of the 3DCROWD UK initiative and thanks to Prusa Research, we have a design that enables us to manufacture the face shield head bands and bottom reinforcements – utilising our own raw materials and 3D printers.

The face shields will be donated for free to our healthcare services, helping protect doctors and nurses treating coronavirus sufferers, guarding their eyes and face against the spread of potential infection from the coughs and sneezes of patients.

To date, the 3DCROWD UK initiative has 80,000 face shields in production to meet a demand of 186,000 requested to date. What’s more, it’s estimated every COVID-19 patient requires the use of an average of 19 disposable face shields – so much more support is needed.

Corona Virus Face Shields - 3D Crowd - SanCloud

SanCloud urges other organisations to get involved in the initiative by offering their 3D printing capability, raising funds, corporate sponsorship or volunteering their time. Please visit to find out more.