BeagleBone Enhanced 4G / 3G GPS & CAN-Bus Cape

Extending the functionality of the BeagleBone Enhanced to provide a feature-rich SBC platform with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), Yocto & Buildroot support

Key Features

Single or Dual CAN interface

Supporting speeds of up to 1Mb per second for communication between the vehicle’s many ECUs, sensors and actuators

GNSS Module

Choice of GNNS receiver modules for GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou & QZSS satellite systems via Mini PCIe USB interface

Cellular module

Choice of GPRS, 2G, 3G & 4G Modules via Mini PCIe USB interface enabling greater geographical coverage

Ignition & Accessory Input

providing signal for relevant alert and event reporting

Onboard Real Time Clock (RTC)

with super-capacitor, for low power accurate time keeping

Vehicle interface

DEUTSCH 12-pin DTM06-12SA connector supports ease of installation

IP67 Protection

Waterproof and dustproof enclosure housing both cape and BeagleBone Enhanced Industrial upon which its mounted

UL-94 Rated 

20mm Flame Test of Enclousre as per Standard UL-94  Flammability Testing of Plastic Materials

 6 – 60V DC

Wide input supply voltage range for a variety of vehicle, plant and machinery applications

BeagleBone Enhanced Features

Most features available from the BeagleBone Enhanced* Industrial board upon which the Cape is connected


Compatible with special order BeagleBone Enhanced Industrial SBCs and other variants (subject to application)


Supports the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Unified Code Base (UCB) as the “Automotive Cape”. Buildroot and Yocto support

Automotive Grade Linux Unified Code Base Support

Often known as the ‘Automotive Cape’ by our vehicle manufacturer and auto supply chain customers, the BeagleBone Enhanced and M2M Cape combination powers many Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Telematics innovations using open source software from Automotive Grade Linux’s (AGL) Unified Code Base (UCB) platform. The AGL UCB is a Linux distribution built from the ground up through a joint effort by automakers and suppliers to deliver a modern in-vehicle infotainment and connected car experience for consumers. The goal of the UCB infotainment platform is to provide 70-80% of the starting point for a production project. This enables automakers and suppliers to focus their resources on customising the other 20-30% to meet their unique product needs.

“The Automotive Cape”

Automotive Grade Linux Logo - SanCloud

Cape Design

Capes are simply daughter boards for BeagleBones which connect to a BeagleBone via its 2 x 46 expansion ports.  The BeagleBone ‘wears’  the cape which, like SanCloud’s own capes, have a cut-out around the BeagleBone’s Ethernet connector that gives it a cape-like shape.

BeagleBone Enhanced Automotive Cape - GPS & CAN Bus V4 web

The  V4 cape features a Deutsch DTM06-12SA connector offering reliability and ease of installation

GNSS GPS Cellular Cape for BeagleBone

Choose the GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Beidou) and Cellular Module that’s right for your geographical region and application

BeagleBone M2M Cape & Industrial IP67 Enclosure

BeagleBone mounted upon the M2M Cape V4 housed within an IP67 waterproof, dustproof and UL-94 flame resistant enclosure


  • Vehicle Infotainment System Development
  • Vehicle Instrument Cluster Development
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring and First Notification of Loss (FNOL) systems via CAN bus data or in-built accelerometer/gyroscope and camera inputs
  • Remote Vehicle Diagnostics & Preventative Maintenance
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Monitoring Systems.
  • Remote Plant & Machinery Diagnostics & Preventative Maintenance
  • Advanced Telematics & GPS Tracking
  • Remote Energy Management
  • Black box CAN bridge to filter/modify/inject CAN traffic

BeagleBone & Cape Hardware & Software Customisation

Consistent with all SanCloud products, we can customise both the BeagleBone Enhanced and our plug-in capes to suit specific applications. For example, we can manufacture with different GNSS, cellular, CAN Bus or Mod Bus modules.

How to Order

As the cape offers multiple module options and is supplied with a modified BeagleBone Enhanced Industrial, the cape is only available by special order. Prices start from $134.19 / £106.55 / €121.98. To check out the variants available visit our Online Store.

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