BBB Enhanced

Introducing the SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced

SanCloud are proud to introduce you to its all-new BeagleBone Enhanced… The board uses the same form factor as the BeagleBoneBlack with : Additional USB ports 1GB DDR3 RAM 6 Axis Gyro/Accelerometer Barometer and Temperature sensor Header to allow 2 additional USB ports to be connected to capes More to follow when we start the […]

BeagleBone New Product Launch - SanCloud

Enhanced Beaglebone Black Wireless & Bluetooth

We realised that there is now a basic demand for wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for embedded platforms so we have added a plug in card that will give the functionality. We are manufacturing some of these as well to match to the first prototype run of the Enhanced Beaglebone Black: And this is the Enhanced […]

BeagleBone Bluetooth and Wifi

Enhanced Beaglebone Black Enhanced 3D Update

We have listened to the feedback and making our Beaglebone Black Enhanced even more compatible.  There was a potential issue with the stacked LAN and dual USB sockets clashing with capes so we have decided to revert back to the normal LAN connector and sacrifice the power jack to give an extra USB port.  Power […]

Enhanced Beaglebone Black 3D

We are in the concept stage of creating an enhanced Beaglebone Black board. In using the Beaglebone Black for our development with the Automotive Cape we have realised that there is room to add some of the sensors to the main board and enhance it at the same time by increasing RAM and storage. Our […]