BBB Enhanced

Tested: All 3 Versions of BeagleBone Enhanced

We’re very pleased with the early test results We have had the first test batch of the BeagleBone Enhanced back and very pleased with the results. Initial board bring-up has been successful, just going to put them through their paces to make sure that all the peripherals are working as expected. The BeagleBone Enhanced with […]

BeagleBone Enhanced - 3 Versions - SanCloud

SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced BBE

First BBE test samples for Indiegogo build

Our Thorough QA Process Precedes Full Production We have had the first 10 BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE) samples manufactured for the Indiegogo build. We will be receiving them very soon to verify and then instruct the full production run of the remaining units. Here are some pictures from the assembly house: Once we have verified the […]

Metal Case for BBE available

We are delighted to announced that a very stylish metal case is now available for the SanCloud BeagleBoneEnhanced. Kungsbacka Konstruktion & Skärande Bearbenting have adapted their BeagleBoneBlack case to accommodate the BeagleBoneEnhanced. The case is compact, robust and protects the board well. On top, there are ventilation cutouts to ensure proper cooling. Get yours by […]

BBE Automotive Cape Preview - SanCloud

Automotive Cape Preview

We received the PCB’s for the Automotive Cape V2 for use with BeagleBoneEnhanced, by adding a mini PCI-E modem you can have full 3G/4G/GPS functionality and connect to vehicle CAN.  Plug in adapter board for OBDII to follow.  There is provisioning for GPS antenna with amplifier if required and SIM Card slot for modem. Isolated […]