Jody C Frost

Production & Quality Technician

Jody manages a number of SBC/ PCB assembly, programming and testing duties. Inspections of all boards are performed throughout the whole PCB production process including Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) prior to leaving the SMT production line. Upon receipt, Jody oversees a series of final visual inspections, examining solder joints and the alignment of the 46-way sockets (in the case of BeagleBone®  Enhanced devices). Programming and electronic tests are then performed using SanCloud’s own custom manufactured bed of nails test rigs and in-house developed software. 

In the case of any custom-configured devices, electronic components may be  attached to the PCB to meet the required specification.

During the course of SanCloud’s quality control testing, non-conformance reports (NCRs) are raised in compliance with the Company’s Quality Management System and client-specific requirements.

SanCloud’s reputation for product quality and low defect rates is largely attributable to Jody’s thoroughness and accuracy. Her keen eye and attention to detail were honed in her previous 7-year tenure in which she was responsible for Visual Display of 13 major retail outlets.