Andrew Walker

Software Engineer

Andrew is a Software Engineer working on the continuous development of the SanTrack IoT application and Python gateway.

He previously worked as a Java developer on retiring legacy databases by migrating them to more modern databases along with the creation of applications to help view the data.

Andrew is a self-taught programmer starting with a Raspberry Pi when he was only 10 years old. He used python as part of his GCSE computer science before moving to college and studying it at A-level where he learned After his A-level, he went into an apprenticeship as a java software developer for 18 months, prior to joining SanCloud.

In Andrew’s spare time, he is an airsofter and has been part of the FSE scouting movement for 14 years, an important part of his life that has shaped the way I am as a person.

Andrew Walker - Software Engineer at SanCloud