Hardware Design

Our expertise in electronics and software allows us to balance production costs, development costs and performance with flexibility, by carefully selecting which functionality is implemented in electronics and which is implemented in software. Almost all our embedded software runs on custom designed hardware.

Software is updateable to give reduced service costs and flexibility for future enhancements to your products. Normally the electronics for a product is finalised early but with enhancements to the embedded software your product can have an extended life, continue to compete in the market place and even enter new markets. Enhancing the software in an existing product can giving you extra return on your original investment.

We use a 7 stage process to ensure that the requirements are captured and the correct design delivered:

Architecture Specification

  • Broad familiarization with consumer silicon devices and options.Process Model
  • Determining best system architecture for product concept and cost.
  • Analysis of hardware choices and their impact on software development.

Schematic Design

  • Complete schematic design generation including part selection, library part creation and schematic generation.
  • Full review of design and detailed Bill of Materials.

PCB Layout

  • Optimised placement and layout of PCB.
  • Layout considerations taken into account for modern high speed interfaces using DDR2/3/4, USB2/3, PCI Express, SATA, HDMI etc.
  • From single sided low complexity, low cost design through to complex multilayer 4, 6 or 8 layer designs.

Analysis and Simulation

  • Simulation of critical high speed interfaces in order to ensure layout meets design requirements.

PCB Fabrication

  • Work closely with PCB and manufacture partners to ensure that design can be made with ease of assembly and best overall cost.

PCB Testing/Verification

  • Hardware design verification of assembled PCB


  • Delivery of completed hardware for certification testing