Antenna Design

SanCloud specialises in antenna designs focusing on consumer electronic devices to enhance data connectivity

The variety of engineering design services available for product development include:

Proof of concept
Engineering design
Prototype development
Design for production

We have rich R&D experience and possess in-depth knowledge of antenna design techniques required by most current wireless communications systems. We always aim to provide our customers bespoke and cost effective antenna solutions with focus on either cost or performance, which enable differentiation of their products from competitors.


Multiband antenna design and integration for wireless communication systems, including cellular mobile, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi communications

Dual-band MIMO antennas (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) design for WiFi-enabled consumer electronic devices for IEEE 802.11n/ac standards
LTE antenna development for electronic devices with LTE data connectivity
Antenna modelling, design and optimisation with CAD software, including CST Microwave studio, Ansoft HFSS and Agilent ADS
Measurements of antennas, especially with MIMO and LTE antennas

Technical writing including antenna design specifications and proposals, technical reports and articles

Antenna Design Applications

Data connectivity via cellular mobile network, e.g. vehicle communications and electronic monitoring devices

Mobile phone and Tablet antennas
WiFi-enabled consumer electronic devices, e.g. WiFi-enabled set top boxes

Devices with Bluetooth connectivity e.g. Wireless speakers