BeagleBone Enhanced


SanCloud has joined the logo licensing family and enhancing the open hardware BeagleBone Black design with you love with more features than you thought possible. It still has a blistering 1GHz processor and like the BeagleBone Black, two 46-pin headers, micro HDMI for audio/video output, USB ports, Ethernet and other I/O features. The SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced is an ultra-powered embedded computer that can (still) fit in a mint tin.

There are 2 variants available:

BBE Light

BeagleBoneEnhanced Light  No longer manufactured














Both the ‘Enhanced Light’ and ‘Enhanced’ features are:

  • 1G Byte onboard DDR3 RAM (double the BeagleBone Black)
  • 3 additional USB ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Optional SPI flash for bootloader

Additional features for the ‘Enhanced’ :

  • 6 axis MEMS accelerometer/gyro
  • Barometer and temperature sensor

Both variants have the ability to add an on-board WiFi/Bluetooth card (uses 1 USB port)

WiFi/BT module


WiFi/BT moduleThe design has been kept as close to the original form factor of the BeagleBone Black as possible to enable you to swap out the capes you already have. We have moved the power connector and serial connector to give an additional on board USB port and added an expansion header to allow for 2 USB ports to be passed up to a cape.

We are very proud of the way we have squeezed more onto an already impressive platform.



Software Images

The kernel support ranges from 3.8 (Debian 7.11) to the latest 4.x (Debian 9.3).  These can be found at:

To program please refer to the eMMC programming tutorial.

Schematics & PCB Layout

The schematics and PCB layout files are available on the beagleboard GitHub repository (current latest revision is 1E):


Serial Debug Connection


3D Models

BBE 1E STEP file (3D Model) sc_bbe_1E-step

BBE 1G STEP file (3D Model) sc_bbe_1G-step


Elinux Wiki

For support please refer to the page




For our own tutorial pages:

Adding a Battery:

Antenna Selection:

Accelerometer & Gyro :

eMMC programming:

OTG port to HOST:

Pressure Sensor: