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Automotive Cape preview

We received the PCB’s for the Automotive Cape V2 for use with BeagleBoneEnhanced, by adding a mini PCI-E modem you can have full 3G/4G/GPS functionality and connect to vehicle CAN.  Plug in adapter board for OBDII to follow.  There is provisioning for GPS antenna with amplifier if required and SIM Card slot for modem. Isolated […]

Wifi and Bluetooth

To accompany the BeagleBoneEnhanced we are proud to announce the Wifi and Bluetooth board to allow the BeagleBoneEnhanced to operate in the magical world of wireless. These will also be available to purchase with the BeagleBoneEnhanced as an option. We will update more when the crowd funding campaign is launched.

SanCloud BeagleBoneEnhanced

Sancloud are proud to announce the BeagleBoneEnhanced… The board uses the same form factor as the BeagleBoneBlack with : Additional USB ports 1GB DDR3 RAM 6 Axis Gyro/Accelerometer Barometer and Temperature sensor Header to allow 2 additional USB ports to be connected to capes More to follow when we start the crowd funding campaign.