Development Blog

We’ve gone 2.4

We have had some concerns around the original DC socket used.  Some customers thought it was too small and we agreed. Announcing the updated Revision 1G BBE.  You can now use the standard DC jack from the BBB to power the BBE. Stock now available in External Antenna configuration in the store. Store  

Latest Automotive Cape

We are in the final stages of prototyping our latest automotive cape to work with the SanCloud BBE boards. Just need to fine tune the mounting posts for the modem. Specs include : mini-PCIe (USB) for 4G/3G/GPRS modem GPS with support for active antenna. CAN (H/L) 3 bicolour LEDs with location holes for light pipes […]

Automotive Grade Linux

SanCloud are please to announce our membership of AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) The decision to join allows us to progress the automotive hardware capes we are developing for our BBE boards. More announcements will be be made when the capes are available for purchase via our online store.

We’re aiming for the Stratosphere

SanCloud are pleased to be supporting ‘Floaty McSpaceface’ Alec has had a goal for a long time to reach cloud 9 and has been working hard at getting his feet off the ground. Have a look at his build blog Also follow him so you can track it live on launch day  

Boxes of boxes

We are on the final push now to get the boards out to backers. Lots have been QC checked and tested and now in the process of being put in envelopes and shipped. We would love to hear when you receive yours and what you are planning to do with it. If anyone has any […]

All 3 Versions of BeagleBone Enhanced

We have had the first test batch of the BeagleBone Enhanced back and very pleased with the results. Initial board bring-up has been successful, just going to put them through their paces to make sure that all the peripherals are working as expected. The BeagleBone Enhanced with WiFi/Bluetooth The BeagleBone Enhanced The BeagleBone Enhanced Light […]

First test samples for Indiegogo built

We have had the first 10 samples built for the Indiegogo build and will be receiving them very soon to verify and then instruct the full production run of the remaining units. Here are some pictures from the assembly house: Once we have verified the board quality we will then be asking backers their preferred […]

Metal Case for BBE available

We have the delight in announcing that there is a very stylish metal case available for the SanCloud BeagleBoneEnhanced. Kungsbacka Konstruktion & Skärande Bearbenting have adapted their BeagleBoneBlack case to accommodate the BeagleBoneEnhanced. Get yours by contacting them directly KKSB-Case