With the pressure for fleet managers to make greater savings in the utilisation of fleet vehicles, the SanCloud ICU solution gives multiple options to address different combinations of requirements.  Also gives the ability to reduce fuel usage bringing cost savings and reducing environmental impact.
In its simplest configuration, the ICU is an enhanced black box data recorder for vehicle events logging:
  • GPS position and direction
  • Vehicle speed
  • Acceleration and deceleration on 3 Axis
  • Vehicle CAN interface to allow the reading and logging of vehicle telematics for more in depth analysis of  vehicle operation.
The CAN interface can be adapted to monitor different manufacturers’ implementations including esCAN.
Optional enhancements expand the features of the ICU.
Cellular data module (2G/3G/4G) gives live data feedback to the back end solution for monitoring and reporting.
Forward facing HD camera adds vital video data in case of incident investigation.  When used in combination with the cellular data module (3G/4G), live video streaming from the camera is possible to an internet connected device.  Allows the control centre to have more visibility of the current vehicle situation.
WiFi module gives connected devices the ability to communicate using the cellular data module (3G/4G) connection to use internet resources and with the correct app interface directly to the ICU.