SanCloud’s core activity is delivery of professional development services. However, more than just writing code we aim to be a creative, innovative and proactive partner to every client both now and long into the future. From the very earliest conceptual stages of a project SanCloud is keen, willing and able to play an active part. We can help you develop your ideas, bringing many years of experience, across many different industries.

This practical help will often save time and expense during development, as well as enhance the final products’ performance and functionality. In addition to design and development services we also provide documentation, technical authoring, training and on going maintenance support, either to you or directly to your customers.

Our customers have a variety of needs from simple low level drivers to complete “Man Machine Interfaces”.

We offer high quality software development services where no in-house skills exist allowing your core team to stay focused on major projects, yet you can still deliver time critical enhancements and upgrades. We can increase in-house resources during busy or peak periods helping you to achieve demanding deadlines. We provide a resource pool of readily accessible, highly skilled and flexible engineers enabling you to properly manage department and corporate growth. Not only do your customers have a variety of needs, we aim to deliver our services in ways that best suit you. Development services are available on a project or time and materials basis.

Unlike many of our competitors we aim for long term relationships and offer the option of development engineers working alongside your own team within your facilities.

We have extensive experience of working with a large range of embedded processors and toolchains.

These include processors ranging from 8bit to 32bit:

  • Intel CE3100
  • Broadcom MIPS 74xx
  • ST 7109
  • ARM 7
  • NEC V850
  • C16x family
  • H8S/H8SX
  • 8051
  • PIC 15C

Experience of RTOS technologies include:

  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • NET+OS
  • uCOS
  • Windows CE
  • uGUI