Yearly Archives: 2018

We’ve gone 2.4

We have had some concerns around the original DC socket used.  Some customers thought it was too small and we agreed. Announcing the updated Revision 1G BBE.  You can now use the standard DC jack from the BBB to power the BBE. Stock now available in External Antenna configuration in the store. Store  

Latest Automotive Cape

We are in the final stages of prototyping our latest automotive cape to work with the SanCloud BBE boards. Just need to fine tune the mounting posts for the modem. Specs include : mini-PCIe (USB) for 4G/3G/GPRS modem GPS with support for active antenna. CAN (H/L) 3 bicolour LEDs with location holes for light pipes […]

Automotive Grade Linux

SanCloud are please to announce our membership of AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) The decision to join allows us to progress the automotive hardware capes we are developing for our BBE boards. More announcements will be be made when the capes are available for purchase via our online store.