Have a 3D Printer? If so, join us in our fight against Covid-19!

We may be months into the pandemic but PPE shortages continue and as lock-down measures are reintroduced NHS frontline workers still need face shields

Ever since shortages of personal protective equipment were announced and a viable 3D print design identified, SanCloud has been utilising its own resources and materials to produce face shields. These face shields provide a high level of protection for the wearer as they cover the whole face, preventing a high percentage of viral particles reaching the wearer through their mouth, nose and eyes.

When worn with a face mask together, the protective barrier created between medical workers and their patients is very effective especially if physical distancing is not possible.

Marc Murphy from SanCloud 3d printing Face Shields

Marc Murphy setting up one of SanCloud’s 3D printers to produce Prusa RC3 faceshield headbands.

3D Printed Face Shield Head Bands From SanCloud

Face shield headbands and lower reinforcements hot off the 3D printing press and ready for packaging.

SanCloud 3D Printed Face Shields with Thank You NHS Message

Laser cut visors and 3D printed parts are packed with a message of thanks to our key worker recipients.

SanCloud manufactured face shields have then been delivered to key workers through the 3DCrowd UK initiative or delivered by the SanCloud team in response to direct requests from local NHS provisions. Efforts have been concentrated in supporting those workers in medical provisions facing regular and close-proximity contact with patients. All face shields have been provided at no cost.
Carl James as Volunteer Driver from SanCloud Delivering 3D Printed Face Shields to NHS Provisions
Carl James volunteering his time engaging with, and delivering face shields to NHS provisions.
Salford NHS Nurse wearing SanCloud Face Shield

Face shields from SanCloud arrive at a Salford NHS provision and are put to use.

Salford NHS Doctor wearing SanCloud Face Shield

A delivery of visors arrive for this Salford NHS Doctor and her Medical Centre team.

However, SanCloud are not the only ones helping out in this way. Many businesses, schools, universities and hobbyists with 3D printers have joined together in forming a distributed manufacturing capacity. 3D printers participating in the 3DCrowd UK initiative alone have made over 140,000 face shields to date.

Do you have a 3D Printer? Join us in fighting COVID-19!

Imagine what we could all do for our amazing front line workers if everyone with a 3D printer produced a few masks each day?

Check out www.3dcrowd.uk or contact us for details.