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BeagleBone Enhanced DC Socket: We’ve gone 2.4

You can now use the standard DC jack from the BeagleBone Black (BBB) to power the BeagleBone Enhanced (BBE) We have had some concerns around the original DC socket used in the BeagleBone Enhanced.  Some customers thought it was too small and we agreed. Announcing the updated Revision 1G BBE.  You can now use the […]

BeagleBone Enhanced 2-4 - SanCloud

Automotive Cape - SanCloud

Latest BBE Automotive Cape

Extending the BeagleBone Enhanced Functionality for In-Vehicle Applications We are in the final stages of prototyping our latest Beagle Bone Enhanced (BBE) Automotive Cape. Our Automotive Cape is a daughter-board add-on product for SanCloud’s BBE to extend its functionality for a variety of automotive applications. Just need to fine tune the mounting posts for the […]

SanCloud announces Automotive Grade Linux and Linux Foundation Membership

The move marks SanCloud’s commitment to the needs of our Automotive Sector customers SanCloud are please to announce our membership of AGL (Automotive Grade Linux) The Linux Foundation is a world-class technology consortium which enables mass innovation through open source development with the prominent Connected Car project, ‘Automotive Grade Linux (AGL)’. Automotive Grade Linux is […]

Automotive Grade Linux Member - SanCloud